Altofts Methodist church has various committees that meet to discuss the mission, worship, finances and fabric of the church.
Please see the calendar for the dates of meetings.

General Church Meeting

Secretary: Mrs Linda Whittingham
The General Church Meeting is the group which elects church stewards and other voluntary/lay roles, such as representatives to the Church Council, which support the life and community of the church. This meeting is open to all and any member of the church is entitled to vote. It meets once a year, but can meet more often if the minster with pastoral responsibility feels it is necessary.

Church Council

Secretary: Mrs Linda Whittingham
The church council meeting is the 'main' meeting of the church that votes on all the recommendations referred to it by other church committees, the circuit, district and Connexion. Members of the church council meeting are the managing trustees of Altofts Methodist Church.

Consultation on Worship

Secretary: Mrs Linda Whittingham
This committee meets to discuss the worship in the church, including the planning of special services throughout the year.

Finance & Property Commitee

Secretary: Mrs Glenys Turton
The finance and property committee meets to discuss the financial position of the church as well as the maintenance and repair of the fabric of the building.

Pastoral Committee

Secretary: Mrs Carole Blanshard
Pastoral work has always been an important part of the Methodist story. Members and adherants' pastoral care is taken care of by a committed team of pastoral visitors.