The aim of the Methodist Church Safeguarding policy is to create Christian communities of love and care, encouraging good practise to ensure compliance with the latest government guidance and creating a safe space for all.


To implement this, the circuit has appointed joint safeguarding officers and each church has a liaison contact person.


Mrs Val Rushton and Mr Nigel Storey, as circuit appointees, have responsibility for coordination and liaison with churches' contact persons and also with the district Safeguarding Officer.


All those in positions of responsibility within the church and its organisations have completed training to ensure they are aware of how to help maintain safe spaces for all (children, vulnerable adults). This involves identification of concerns, appropriate reporting mechanisms and action to prevent harm (which may require external, independent organisations and bodies).


Val can be contacted on 07788 279117. Nigel on 01977 644843

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Our circuit is part of the Yorkshire West District found here:

The district safeguarding officer is Emma Goodley at

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Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy Statement- August 2020


Circuit Safeguarding Policy- last agreed September 2023





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