Ackworth Methodist Church

Barnsley Road, Ackworth, Pontefract. WF7 7NB

Minister: Revd. Chris Holmes who can be contacted on 01977 730400

The first chapel in Ackworth was built in 1791 by John Nelson of Birdsall- the trusted stonemason preacher who did so much to found Methodism in these parts.
Ackworth church is an imposing building on Barnsley Road and was opened in 1859. The architect was Mr Wilson of Bath with local builders- Simpson and Wilson.
In 1912 the 1959 building was severely damaged by fire and had to be reconstructed in 1913.

Currently there are a variety of groups using the premises, not least of all those who witness to Christ in their activities and worship.
Our mission statement is:
The mission of Ackworth Methodist Church is to promote love and unity within the Church family by way of prayer, worship and Bible study.
We recognise that, along with our Boys' Brigade, we have a responsibility to reach out into the community to promote the Christian faith through pastoral care and social outreach.
We continue to enhance our worship though meditation and music, encouraging a flexibility of style whilst respecting individual gifts in a spirit of unity and active participation.


Sunday Service: 10.30 am

Monday Coffee:  10.30 am - 12 noon   [not bank holidays nor through the summer holiday]

Wednesday evenings:  Boys' Brigade (see below)  [term time only]

Mrs Iris Coop, Mr Christopher Tinker and Mr Ian Jessop are stewards.

An active Boys' Brigade is run by Mr Colin Godridge. Further details can be found here



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