Parkside Methodist Church

Leeds Road, Outwood, Wakefield. WF1 2PN


Our Mission

"To offer to all through the grace of God, the opportunities of Peace, Love, Joy, Healing, Faith and Hope as we worship Him and share His love with everyone we meet day by day."  



Church Minister: Revd. Jacob Kaiga 01977 702673

Contact Steward: Marian Dunford 07749 020521

Room Bookings: Joan Batty


We have produced a booklet showing the rooms and facilities

we have available for hire.

Please have a look below or click the link to download the booklet. 


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Parkside Room Booking Booklet

Good News and Healing Service

In our Circuit prayer walk in September as we normally do every year, we walked, talked, listened and prayed with people. We were asked questions in Churches and on the streets. In our talks people opened up and talked about their joys and sorrows. There were tears and laughter. Some shared what their Churches are going through and others what their families are going through and others their communities. There were news of joy and there were concerns as well. People really want to share with others their joys and their pains but we don’t have a forum for that. During those  prayer walks, people were calling to ask for prayers for their families and some for their Churches. Following that experience, I decided to start a monthly service called Good News and Healing Service. It started on 12th December 2021 at Parkside and it has been very well received.  


It has three parts: 

  1. Sharing good news
  2. Sharing concerns
  3. Prayers for thanksgiving and healing 

Healing is not just physical healing. It can also be spiritual, emotional or physiological.


Those not able to attend can send prayer request either for themselves, friends or their Churches.  This kind of service can also be done at section level and I will be happy to work with those who may want to start it in their section. I hope you will continue to support it and inform and encourage our people either attend or send prayer request.


God bless you all, 




Our Minister
Rev Jacob Kaiga

01977 702673  

Prayer walk for the community of Outwood

Between May and September our minister leads us in Prayer Walks. We stop at outside various places in and around our local area to pray for the people and businesses that make our community.

Contact Steward:

Marian Dunford: Mob: 07749 020521

Last update: 2024-04-08