About us- past and present and future

Upton is a small (circa 4000 residents ex coal mining village halfway between Doncaster and Wakefield in West Yorkshire, England.

There has been Methodist presence in our current building since 1934- we are now the only place of Christian worship and witness.

Numbers are not everything, but in thge last 25 years attendance has grown from around 8 to 25 in teh last 25 years and we are pleased to be able to express a ministry to children (numbers between 3 and 12 on Sundays) meaning that our ages range from 5 to 85

We have a building that we aim to use to its capacity with Christian and community activities- see our main tab on this web site.

We have hopes and dreams to increase our floor space and facilitate provision of a fully compliant kitchen to further provide examples of God's love to our community.

Our members and attendees are involved in several community groups which facilitates the link between our faith and the community in which we all live.

As Methodists, we like a good sing on a Sunday- instruments support our worship.A loop system is inatalled.

Services are led by our minister- Rev Naomi Kaiga, or a Local Preacher, or our own members within a role of Worship Leader.

If you see us on the street, or active in other roles, ask us what happens and please pop in to say hello whenever the door is open. The kettle is usually on.