The Circuit Logo was designed by Chrissie Brown from Rothwell Methodist Church. The logo is downloadable below in various formats and you are encouraged to use it on all circuit communications, but please read the guidelines on correct useage before your use it. 

Read this first

Circuit Logo in PNG format

This is the best format to use. It will open on most computers and maintains a transparent background.

AC_circuit_Valencia.png This is the 'official logo' and should be used in most circumstances.

AC_circuit_Valencia_mono.png This variant should be used for greyscale (black and white) printing.

AC_circuit_Valencia_white.png This variant can be used on a dark background.

Circuit Logo in JPG format

JPG files will open on any computer, but will have a white background so the logo will be within a white rectangle if the background of your document is a colour other than white.

Other Formats

The logo is also available in EPS, AI, PDF and TIF formats. Please email tomferg80@gmail.com if you require these.